VX is a high-performance development firm specializing in digital strategy, enterprise solutions, content management, social business to enable real time interactions within a company or with its customers, and rich multi-media design and integration. Since inception, VX has operated at the forefront of cloud-based technology, storing our clients’ data safely in the cloud so that it is always available online. Operating As a flexible technology services partner since 2000, VX can act as an extension of a client’s in-house IT department or provide technology leadership to smaller firms.

VX’s top-notch team of seasoned professionals are innovators who push boundaries and routinely develop website features and functionalities that later become industry standard. We work with the best and brightest in order to deliver the most technically advanced applications possible. All VX clients benefit from a dedicated team of experienced engineers, project managers, user experience and QA specialists, each with unsurpassed digital expertise.

VX is based in New York City with a presence in Europe. Our global footprint enables VX to address client issues around the clock, and to communicate effectively with key client stakeholders across multiple time zones.

VX helps companies address their business challenges by demystifying the complexities of today’s shifting technology landscape. We translate our clients’ business needs into a blueprint of technology components, partner with them through the lifecycle of development, and – where needed – provide longer-term support. VX front-loads the design and engineering process and clearly communicates the full range of options to our clients, allowing us to consistently deliver financial and time saving benefits in every engagement.

VX’s services include full range of IT solutions, including mobile applications, CMS platforms, and Project Management tools. We specialize in Adobe CQ5, APS, IOS, and .Net, and can develop a completely customized solution or adapt an off-the-shelf solution to your company’s unique IT needs. We can also translate particular business requirements into prototypes or fully functional applications, so that clients can easily demo and test with their internal teams or facilitate the procurement of external funding.

VX’s forte is the ability of our experienced team to simplify the complexities of your IT challenges. Our information architects start with your business requirements and Scope of Work to identify–in tandem with your team–all the project’s potential needs and functional requirements. VX then creates a project plan for success, and monitors project flow via our proprietary tracking software that enables us to identify and correct code bugs, ensure client changes are implemented and track development hours to prevent overages. VX’s commitment to value creation carries across all aspects of our client partnerships.

VX’s streamlined, highly efficient process is firmly grounded in Agile Methodologies that deliver as much value as often and early as possible. The Scrum Methodology in particular, by organizing projects into a series of ‘Sprints’, provides a closed loop between the development team and the client whereby unpredictable challenges can be very effectively managed. We recognize, however, that many traditional IT operations rely on the Waterfall project management approach in which functional specifications and project scope are defined at the engagement’s outset. For clients requiring the Waterfall approach, VX is equipped to engage accordingly by providing a clear path to timelines and budgets.

VX is a tight-knit group of knowledgeable, innovative and creative digital professionals who love to learn from one another. We don’t have any current openings, but please check back soon as our needs evolve on a daily basis!

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